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All your html are belong to us #2 - Revenge of the markup

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
306 Trellon

Presented by

mortendk (mortendk)
geek Röyale
Design, Theme, and UsabilityDesign, Theme, and Usability
Style & substance: Learn about trends, techniques, and tools.

Drupal comes with a lot(!) of predefined markup & css.
Modules are adding styles and markup to the themes and so themers have limited control over whats going on inside the theme - that works well for some themers - others not so much.. or to put in other words:

"WTF does all this bib markup do in my bib site - aaargh for >>--bib--<< sake, Gimme lean mean mother >>--bib--<< 'ing markup"

This session is all about controlling and cleaning up the markup.
So the theme dont have to be build upan a markup that modules have defined - and when to understand that it makes sense to use the markup that drupal provides.

1. Why even bother about the markup?
its just html (!) ... cause we dont need to do ie6 anymore (and santa is real)

* Why design and markup and css is a hot threesome, but getting to choose whos gonna be there is crusial
* Why Developers are spawns of evil - and themers are heros that will safe the day + get the prince / princess (of your own chooosing)
* woudnt it be wonderfull if theming were just like writing html

You put the X in sex
2. Understanding why drupal theming is like it is. and not like you think it is
* How to kiss your developer on the first date.
* understanding what it is drupal is really doing, and why its messing with the markup ...and why you should stop crying!

Among the Theming
3. CCK
* no more divitis
* when to cut the crap and when not to.

Views were made for loving you
4. Views 2
* Win & losses. when you should be accepting the drupal way (and when take your own)
* How to be a views rockstar rocking the tiplphips, without getting hurt

Can I play with panels
5. Panels 3
* Uuuuuh mamma! control panels by 2 lines of code
* doing almost whatever you wanna do

Master of templates
6. Subtheming and öwesome tools
* Inheritance - subtheming ftw!
* why you shold stop crying over spilled html (and css)
* * Take out the crap! - Dude I didnt ask for that class so get it outta my markup RFN!
* Why the mothership the is pretty goddamn awesome, but dosnt really do anything!

Disclaimer: there will be no half naked danes in this session...

Experience: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Industry: media
Tags: awesome, cck, panels, rock n roll, templates, theming, views

I am REALLY looking forward to this session! The abundance of html and classes in the html is (what I consider to be anyway) one of the drawbacks to Drupal.

Good to know it can be done - can't wait... :~)
Thank you!!
~ Jim