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Jim Summer

Lead SEO consultant at - doing SEO in Jacksonville and SEO in Seattle. It's been a while since I did any side work though, just been very busy with my day job and my family. :~) You can check out my SEO Resume if you like. At any rate, I have been able to get great organic SEO results.

Lead SEO consultant and Web developer in the marketing group at the Talent Intelligence software company Taleo Corporation Taleo is an awesome place to work!

Good with organic SEO, standards compliance, and 508/ADA compliance.

Family man - married for 17years with 2 children (it's great you should try it).

Currently reside in Jacksonville, Florida. I LOVE to surf and Florida Gators football.

So far I have built 3 Drupal sites:

Really looking forward to learning how to exploit the power of Drupal.

Taleo Corp Username: