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Contact details for DCSF organisers

Contact details for DCSF organisers

POSTED BY Christopher Peat on April 28, 2010

I wonder if anyone has contact details for the Drupalcon SF2010 organisers, we cancelled our trip due to Volcanic disruptions and took the loss of the conference ticket as a contribution to the community by selling it on half price and would have taken the full loss.

We did however loose fully on our training but were advised they would try to resell the ticket and refund the money. I noticed tickets for the training go back up for sale, and I saw that they were taken down again a day later so pressume they sold it. I cannot get through to anyone to query this though?

I think asking for a refund here is pretty reasonable, although I'm guessing I'll be told otherwise. Were just a small charity so the pennies do count im afraid.

Any help would be great!