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Ticket available, Best offer

POSTED BY Nicolas Froment on April 18, 2010

I am unable to attend DrupalCon due to the vulcano ash cloud. Make an offer at lasconic | gmail

Tickets for sale

POSTED BY Fabian von Tiedemann on April 16, 2010

We have several tickets (17 to be precise) for sale, tickets we won't be able to use due to the volcanic ash cloud covering most of Europe, causing airports and airspace to close.

If you need tickets, don't hesitate to contact us - you can use this d.o. contact form:

We'll be following the events from over here. I hope you guys have fun and enjoy Drupal the Card Game:

The game will be distributed by our friends on site. Information on where to get it will be posted on our site ( Read more »

Ticket for sale

POSTED BY Lari Vaartio on April 16, 2010

Due to volcano ash cloud from Iceland all flights from Northern Europe are cancelled for days. Therefore I'm not able to take part in DrupalCon and I would like to sell my ticket for the best offer (normal price $195). Please send me an email to lari [a t ] or comment here if you're interested.

Ubercart training ticket wanted

POSTED BY Jack Ha on April 15, 2010


I found out that I would be in SF the training day. But it's too late to buy my Ubercart Training ticket, since it's already full. If anyone has a spare ticket to the training or cannot attend for some reasons; then could I buy the ticket from you? I will pay the same price you paid, plus a lunch.


2 Tickets for Sale - Best Offer (both SOLD)

POSTED BY Dion DiFelice on April 15, 2010

Both tickets ** SOLD **
Sorry I don't know how to delete the posting...


We had 2 tickets, but they were purchased.


Selling my ticket: $150

POSTED BY Gurpartap Singh on April 14, 2010

Since I did not get visa to enter the US second time, there's no hope I can come. Selling my ticket for DrupalConSF at $150.

Expect fast replies to emails at my first name @ or gmail .com or

My first name is "gurpartap" (without quotes). Same for IRC.

$150 is what I paid for it as well.


Status: Still available

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