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Brent Thomas

Brent Thomas

Brent is an information cartographer, a creative developer of intuitive websites, maps and geographically-enabled applications. His skills focus on powerful ways of communicating visually with the public.

For the past seven years Brent has worked at Idaho Fish and Game. He crafts database, map and internet solutions for displaying and querying biological sampling, population management and game regulations. Just recently, he has led a new effort using drupal to facilitate sharing of fish and wildlife data following the lead of open government initiatives. The beginnings of this website, the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System may be found at

Brent is also a self-employed internet consultant who has in the last year focused on building drupal websites to support the work of non-profit and non-governmental organizations. The emphasis is on developing low-cost, open source solutions to make the world (and the internet) a smaller, more sustainable place.

Recently completed projects include:

Idaho Fish and Game Username: