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Bevan Rudge

Bevan Rudge


I am a Drupal geek from NZ and a front-end Drupal developer at NowPublic. I am a permanent member of the Drupal Association General Assembly. I am a snowboarder, mountain biker and an advocate of freedom, openness and especially open source software. I am also a part time computer science student at the University of Canterbury.


At NowPublic I work closely with some amazing Drupal developers and contributors. I contribute code to Drupal core and contrib. I have been involved with the Google Summer of Code, Season of Usability, usability testing at the University of Minnesota and the Drupal Usability team. I snowboard in the Southern Alps and mountain bike in the Port Hills. I drink a local brew called Twisted Ankle with other Drupal and open source technologists. I advocate open source. I work with the NZ Drupal community to facilitate networking, meetups, local support groups and collaboration between NZ Drupal developers.


At NowPublic I turn mockups into CSS, HTML and Drupal code and I hack, break, fix and optimize javascript, CSS and images. Until December 2009, I worked for 2.5 years at CivicActions, an excellent Drupal consulting firm with team members in across the globe. My work there included Drupal module development, theming, software engineering, requirement-gathering and client training.

In New Zealand I organised 2 Drupal conferences; DrupalSouth Christchurch November 2008 and DrupalSouth Wellington January 2010. I campaigned avidly against software patents and against corrupt S92a copyright laws in the Internet blackout.


Christchurch New Zealand is my home base. Recent adventures took me to Paris France for a month (for DrupalCon Paris), Thailand for 2 more months and Vancouver, Canada for 2.5 months. Doppler and TripIt are both handy places to find out where I am now and next.

In cyberspace, I tweet on and blog at You can also find me on, and on IRC as "Bevan".


Drupal is fun. My peers at NowPublic and in the Drupal community are fantastic and my main inspiration. I love writing code. I especially love writing jQuery, javascript and Drupal module code.

Oh! And I need to make a living, eat, pay the rent, get mountain bike parts, lift tickets and snowboard equipment etc. And what better way to do that than doing something I enjoy!


Eh!? That's a stupid question in a bio.

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