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David Rothstein

I currently work at Acquia, where I spend my days writing Drupal code. How I got there is a long story -- in short, I used to have a career as a research astrophysicist, got sucked into the "black hole" of Drupal, and realized that even if the laws of physics weren't preventing me from leaving, I didn't want to leave anyway because I liked what I found inside! Before landing at Acquia, I used Drupal for a lot of website projects, mainly education-related, and I've contributed for a while to Drupal core development. I have degrees from Haverford College and Cornell University, but when it comes to programming I am mostly self-taught... or more specifically, "Drupal-taught"; a lot of my education has come from immersing myself in the Drupal codebase and community. Outside of work, I like Ultimate (frisbee), karate, hiking, and the outdoors.

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