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Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor Package - $20,000.00

  • Introduction before Keynote opening *
  • Session room named after organization *
  • 10x10 Inline Booth Space (pop-up booth option available)
  • 8’ table with electricity and 2 Chairs
  • 16 DrupalCon Tickets
  • 4 Customer Invitation Party Invites *
  • 2 Invitations to the Drupal Association Dinner *
  • Participation in Job Fair
  • Use of the Sponsor Theater *
  • Full page ad in conference program guide
  • Logo banner ad on DrupalCon site
  • Logo and link on DrupalCon sponsorship page
  • PR coverage
  • Marketing in newsletter to attendees *
  • DrupalCon tweets about organization's sponsorship
  • Core developer summit venue sponsor *
  • Sponsor may choose one conference session


* Detailed description of benefits

Introduction by sponsor

Platinum sponsors may introduce their representatives and make a brief statement before a keynote, during which they may provide a single presentation slide or let us put their logo on the screen.

Session room named after organization

Session rooms in the program guide will have the sponsor's name. Sponsored rooms will have a prominently displayed sponsor branded podium sign.

Customer Invitation Party

Sponsors may be challenged to find the time to meet with potential customers at a large conference. This social event allows platinum and gold sponsors an opportunity to meet customers who are planning to purchase significant amounts of Drupal related services. This introductory event on Monday evening immediately following the conference allows sponsors to schedule a follow-up meeting with potential customers.

Drupal Association Dinner

Producing the two annual DrupalCons is among the most important activities of the Drupal Association. This dinner gives Drupal Association General Assembly and DrupalCon organizers an opportunity to thank Platinum sponsors for their contributions to making Drupal and DrupalCon successful and get their input on how we can do better in the future.

Use of the Sponsor Theater

This is a good opportunity to present a customer showcase, launch a product, or address a particular topic in the Drupal community.

Marketing in newsletter to attendees

Sponsors can include their logo and a brief message about their company in our weekly newsletter to registered attendees.

Core developer summit venue sponsor

The core developer summit will take place on Saturday, April 17th. Platinum sponsors will be acknowledged for their support in providing a venue for the core developer summit.

Introductions before Keynote

Platinum sponsors can introduce their representative and make a brief statement about their sponsorship.