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The story of RDF in Drupal 7 and what it means for the Web at large

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
304 Phase2 Technology

Presented by

St├ęphane Corlosquet (scor)
MGH / Partners
Lin Clark (linclark)
DERI Galway
Under the HoodUnder the Hood
Technical details: Study servers, Drupal core, module building, and more.

Drupal is leading the way by being the first major CMS to embrace RDF. After a brief introduction to the Semantic Web and its keywords (RDF, turtle, SPARQL, SIOC), we'll go through the RDF tour which lead to its integration in core, from back in 2008 when the first Drupal RDF schema proposal was published all the way to October 2009 when the main RDF patch got committed. We'll see what core capabilities are in terms of RDF and what it means to have pages annotated with RDFa. Drupal 7 also allows new possibilities for contributed module to extend and build more advanced RDF features on top of the core RDF mapping API.

- How is RDF built in core
- What components of core are using RDF
- How to extend core RDF capabilities
- RDF in contrib
- RDF recipes: how to build a site using RDF
- What we've learnt (theming layer, performance)
- RDF in Drupal 8

Experience: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Industry: education, entertainment, library, marketing, media, non-profit
Tags: Interoperability, RDF, RDFa, Semantic Web, standards

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