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Show Don't Tell: Guerilla Usability Testing

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
306 Trellon

Presented by

Zoey Kroll (edibleoffice)
Design, Theme, and UsabilityDesign, Theme, and Usability
Style & substance: Learn about trends, techniques, and tools.

Sometimes it takes a good story to get people on your side. Don't let expensive usability labs scare you off. Usability testing provides critical feedback on design decisions, convinces stakeholders to do the right thing -- and can be done on the cheap.

This session will show quick usability testing strategies, and will provide an overview of the basic steps involved: how to define a testing methodology, identify participants, facilitate and record sessions, present results and make recommendations. Let's retire our psychic shtick and bring real users to the decision-making table!

Take a Tour of Hayes Valley Farm: Saturday 1-3pm

Picnic, get dirty, & get a workout for a good cause!

Zoey will be leading a tour of Hayes Valley Farm and interviewing visitors as part of the case study for her session. Drupalcon attendees and friends are welcome to help transform a freeway into a farm. Wheelbarrow rides anyone? The farm is at 450 Laguna Street, San Francisco.

Experience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Industry: education, entertainment, media, non-profit
Tags: testing, usability, user experience design

Really hope this one gets in!


Thanks Elijah :) I'm eager to gather together people interested in usability and strengthen our commitment to user testing for Drupal sites!

Very interested in this usability session. As a QA person, glad this a part of the conference. Thanks!

BTW...How does the Hayes Valley Farm event relate to Guerilla Usability Testing of Drupal sites? Or is this just an opportunity to advertise for both?