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Panels, Panels Everywhere

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
307 Commerce Guys

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Earl Miles (merlinofchaos)
Design, Theme, and UsabilityDesign, Theme, and Usability
Style & substance: Learn about trends, techniques, and tools.

If you’ve ever looked at a complex site and gotten lost in a twisty maze of PHP Block Visibility code, you have an immediate understanding of how Drupal can fail you when building a site. The needs of one page might not be the same as the needs of another page, but the block system doesn’t really like this. While there are multiple solutions to this, using Panels and Page Manager and the “Panels Everywhere” method, which means every user-facing page is a Page Manager page and you don’t use admin/build/blocks.

This talk will primarily cover the reasons to approach site building differently.

Experience: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Tags: panels, wizard

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