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Facebook Applications, Powered by Drupal

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
305 Gravitek Labs

Presented by

Dave Cohen (Dave Cohen)
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  • Would your website be better if it took advantage of your users' social network?
  • What if you could present content to your users, and their friends on facebook, even if they have never visited you site?
  • Could you attract more users if they skip registration, instead using their facebook username and password to log into your site?

Facebook Apps make all of this possible, and Drupal is a great tool for building these applications.

This talk provides an introduction to Facebook Applications, including Facebook Connect. We'll talk about how these applications differ from typical web sites, and also how they are similar. Finally, we show just how to build these apps using Drupal, specifically with a set of modules called Drupal for Facebook.

Drupal for Facebook is part of the Knight Drupal Initiative, and sponsored by a grant from the Knight Foundation. The presenter, Dave Cohen, is the project's primary developer.

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Experience: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Industry: education, entertainment, library, marketing, media, non-profit
Tags: facebook

In addition to this session, I will organize a birds-of-a-feather type get together. The smaller BOF will be for users who have started using Drupal for Facebook or want to get started. I will answer specific questions or give a more hands-on demonstration of how to get started, depending on who attends and what they'd like to see.

The last day of DrupalCon is the first day of f8, Facebook's developer conference which happily is also in San Francisco. I'm hoping to present there as well.

This sounds promising! Any word of a Twitter equivalent? I'm looking forward to your presentation.

Hey I hope to see many of you at the session. It will be 11am on Tuesday.

Also I'm hosting a birds of a feather that same day, Tues, at 4:15. See the BOF whiteboards for details. I'll get a room with projector if possible, but at the moment they are taken.

The BOF is for anyone who has built an app using Drupal for Facebook, or even if you're thinking about starting.

I'll be answering questions, and sharing tips and tricks. I have no particular agenda planned. I hope to hear feedback from users of Drupal for Facebook and stories from others who work on Facebook Apps.

In this talk, I spend a few minutes talking about FBML Canvas Pages. So I want to note: in the last month, facebook has deprecated this way of building apps! Now, they recommend Iframe Canvas Pages instead.

The key difference in the iframe approach is that the entire canvas area is an iframe. That means it is an entire HTML page coming from your server. You can include jquery and other javascript, and all regular HTML.

Drupal for Facebook version 2.x continues to support both iframe and FBML canvas pages. But 3.x supports only iframes. (Both support Facebook Connect as well).

The day after I gave this talk, facebook held it's developer conference, and announced a number of changes, including new libraries for third-party application to use. Version 3.x of Drupal for Facebook uses these new libraries. Version 2.x uses the older ones.

Also, a copy of these slides can be found here.

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Hey Dave, great overview of Facebook Connect and Drupal. Where will you be speaking next?

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