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The exodus: leading Drupal out of CVS

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
308 Rackspace

Presented by

Damien Tournoud (Damien Tournoud)
Commerce Guys
Derek Wright (dww)
3281d Consulting
Angie Byron (webchick)
Sam Boyer (sdboyer)
Under the HoodUnder the Hood
Technical details: Study servers, Drupal core, module building, and more.

In those times, the children of Drupal served with rigour under the law of CVS. One week the test bot was down, and a poor, bored, core committer decided to show the way out of this oppression. And there we are. is moving out of CVS, and you can help make this real.

The answer is toward a distributed version control system, GIT. In this panel discussion, led by members of infrastructure team, we will discuss how to make the most of that tool and how we plan to improve the daily life of everyone coding, reviewing and committing on

Meet GIT, don't be afraid

We will show you that there is nothing to be afraid of. GIT is your friend.

Core development on steroids

Some of the core development workflow will be significantly improved by the adoption of GIT. We will show you how we can all cooperate more easily.

Enhanced cooperation in contrib

Drupal is a friendly and caring community, promoting cooperation and mentoring. We will show you how the move to a distributed version control system will help us do that, while significantly lowering the barrier to entry for new-comers.

Deployment scenario: Project* isn't going away

Although we're leaving CVS behind, all of our project, release management and issue tracking tools on are going to continue to be how we get things done. We'll still have our automated test bot, our automated release packaging scripts, and more.

Experience: Beginner, Intermediate
Industry: education, entertainment, library, marketing, media, non-profit