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Drupal Scalability and Performance Workshop

Class Description

The power and flexibility of Drupal has made it one of the fastest growing open source projects in the world. As bigger and bolder applications emerge, the community is learning more about what works (and doesn't) when it comes to running a fast site for a large volume of users. In this all-day workshop, top experts with years of collective front-line experience building large-scale Drupal deployments will share the best of the known best-practices.

This session is not an introduction: it is designed for those who are already versed in the underlying technologies for powering Drupal. It will focus on the main use cases: how to run in a Linux hosting environment using Apache as the webserver with mod_php and MySQL as your database.


  1. LAMP system administration experience
  2. PHP and Drupal development experience
  3. Knowledge of SQL query syntax
  4. Basic knowledge of networking

Course taught by your friendly High-Performance Drupal Dream Team: Josh Koenig, Robert Douglass, David Strauss, Matt Westgate, and Narayan Newton.