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Session proposals randomized? Nearly 3 hours to review and vote for 412 entries.

POSTED BY Elijah Lynn on February 28, 2010

Are the session proposal views randomized in any way? I fear that many people may not make it past the first page of 100. When I started I just thought there was one page and then when I got to the bottom and saw the pager I was like, "Oh!".

3 hours later and I finished going through all of the proposals. I would load a page and then middle click all the ones I was interested in and then bookmark and/or vote for the ones I was examining further. Not sure everyone knows the middle click technique though. Even so, expecting people to take even 1+ hours to vote on sessions is not realistic. Read more »

Session Proposals are Open

POSTED BY John Faber on January 15, 2010

The San Francisco DrupalCon organizing team is happy to announce that we have opened the sessions submissions process.

The session submission and voting schedule is:

January 15 2010 to February 15 2010 - Open Session Submissions.
February 16, 2010 - March 01, 2010 - Public Voting on Submissions.
March 5th 2010 - Speakers Notified
March 15th 2010 - Final Schedule Posted

Here is the link:

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