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Everett Zufelt

Everett Zufelt is an information and communication technology (ICT) professional who is passionate about ensuring that information systems are accessible to individuals with disabilities, and that they are easy to use for all. Everett has been loosely involved in web development for over ten years, during which time he lost his sight as a result of a degenerative eye disease. As he transitioned from large font to a screen-reader he realized that many information systems were not accessible to the blind, or to persons with certain other disabilities. Everett's experience as a blind developer coupled with his experience and education in social science and legal studies have given him a unique perspective on accessibility and universal design, which he is happy to share with all who are interested.

Everett has recently worked for the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto and for OpenConcept Consulting Inc. He has also completed many smaller accessibility projects for a variety of organizations in the past, including the University of Missouri and UPS.

Everett is an active contributor of accessibility knowledge to both the Drupal and Fluid open source development communities and is currently researching a project to bring improved accessibility to the Mozilla Firefox web-browser for Apple's OS X operating system.

Everett speaks publicly on accessibility and participates in a number of different events, has written about Drupal accessibility, and has active social media profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn. He is always happy to answer questions from individuals who are looking for quick guidance or resources on information and communication technology accessibility. Username: 
Everett Zufelt
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