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YOU SHALL NOT PASS: Managing Expectations and Boundaries of Clients

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
303 Chapter Three

Presented by

Chris Strahl (chrisstrahl)
Orchestra, LLC
Amye Scavarda (amye)
Providing Professional Drupal ServicesProviding Professional Drupal Services
Succeed: Share how to design, theme, develop, host, train, manage and take your Drupal business to the next level.

We all struggle to maintain the scope of projects, but it's sometimes difficult to tell a client "no". After all, they're the ones paying you, and they want you to deliver exactly what is in their head. It's not simple to manage their expectations, but not doing it can sink a project.

This session is going to go into the motivations behind clients pushing on companies to deliver more. It's also going to talk about why and how you should push back in order to ultimately create a better experience for everyone on the project.

Chris and Amye are both professional project managers. Both have had extensive project experience and work directly with project stakeholders and sponsors on a daily basis. They're both proud to be a part of the small but growing group of Drupal PMs, and are excited to share their experiences with you.

A preview of the session slides can be found here:

Experience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Industry: education, entertainment, library, marketing, media, non-profit
Tags: business development, client relations, project management

How is this going to be Drupal specific at all?


While not necessarily specific to Drupal alone, the ability to manage client expectations is an important part of PM'ing any Drupal project. Everyone involved in designing and building a Drupal website needs to deal with client expectations and manage those accordingly. I've submitted this under the professional services track as it is specific to how to effectively manage clients. Everyone attending the con hopefully either:

1. Has clients that they need to manage.
2. Is a client of someone and wants to understand how PM's manage them.
3. Is a prospect or associate of one of the two categories above.

Also, Amye and I work within the Drupal community, so you can expect to see that come out in the presentation.



Looks like valuable information, Drupal-specific or not.

This was absolutely one of the best sessions at Drupalcon. I've linked it up on a post I had done earlier about being a 'Drupal Professional'. Good job, Chris and Amye.

I completely agree that the impression a Drupal Agency leaves with its clients goes a long way in deciding how they are going to feel about the whole Drupal community as well. This session hence has some value if it motivates and guides agencies to improve the aftertaste of their clients.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk about doing PM work with Drupal!

Glad you guys enjoyed it.

"You shall not pass". You can't say this without evoking the rings.