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Shh! This is a (Drupal-powered) Library Site!

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
309 Microsoft

Presented by

Katherine Lynch (kat3_drx)
Drexel University
Amy Qualls-McClure (domesticat)
Huntsville - Madison County Public Library
Tammy Allgood (tallgood)
Arizona State University
Leveraging Drupal for your businessLeveraging Drupal for your business
Use Drupal to power your business: Hear case studies and learn about adapting to open-source technology.

Libraries are growing into new joint entities -- the library as a place, and the library as a resource. Library websites serve as a resource, delivering tools for learning to patrons and students in an academic setting. Drupal is an ideal tool for facilitating the specialized tasks that many library developers have to complete.

In this session, attendees will learn about:

  • Using the built-in architecture of Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 to meet the goals of library websites
  • The 10 best modules for library websites
  • 10 recommended theming techniques for common library interfaces
  • New expectations of library websites as gathered from user surveys and usability studies
  • Example set-ups of Drupal sites for common library settings and staff organizations
  • Successful case studies of major library websites run on Drupal
  • Tips for useful library-specific usability studies with library users and students

Attendees will come away from this session with a firm understanding of quality library sites as tools, and what many users are growing to expect. They will also learn how to set up a Drupal website for a library, and successful ways to meet the specific resource needs of their organizations.

Experience: Beginner
Industry: education, library, non-profit
Tags: library, usability

I would appreciate the markup that went with this presentation, slides, handouts or recorded content. Yeah Drupal and Libraries!


I missed the conference in the SF. Are you going to have another one in Sacramento Area hopefully?

Ita Quattrone

Its a well done website considering all the constraints you mention.

hope I can have a success

I'm thinking about getting drupal for my site, wordpress just isn't working out and this looks nicer.

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