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Panel: The Many Flavors of Drupal Training

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
307 Commerce Guys

Presented by

Michael Anello (ultimike)
Ryan Price (liberatr)
Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg (Alex UA)
Tom Geller (tgeller)
Geller Guides
Jeff Robbins (jjeff)
Greg Knaddison (greggles)
Growing Venture Solutions
Jacob Redding (jredding)
Providing Professional Drupal ServicesProviding Professional Drupal Services
Succeed: Share how to design, theme, develop, host, train, manage and take your Drupal business to the next level.

Drupal training takes on many different forms mainly depending on the goals of the students. In this panel, several Drupal trainers will discuss the various strategies employed when planning and executing Drupal training.

Various types of Drupal training sessions will be discussed, including the training of in-house staff, clients, existing developers, and newbies. We'll discuss various methods of training including in-person, web-based, self-study and various combinations of the three.

Attendees can expect to learn some best practices for designing training for their particular audience.

Confirmed panelists include Jeff Robbins (Lullabot), Greg Knaddison (Growing Venture Solutions), Tom Geller (, Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg (Zivtech), Jacob Redding (trainer for Chapter Three), Ryan Price (DrupalEasy), and Michael Anello (DrupalEasy).

Experience: Intermediate
Industry: education, entertainment, library, marketing, media, non-profit
Tags: training