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Make Drupal Run Fast - increase page load speed

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
306 Trellon

Presented by

Andy Kucharski (akucharski) and
Configuration, Set-up & AdministrationConfiguration, Set-up & Administration
Code-free success: Manage Drupal through the User Interface.

What does it mean when someone says "My Site is slow now"? What is page speed? How do you measure it? How can you make it faster? We'll try to answer these questions, provide you with a set of tools to use and explain how this relates to your server load.

We will cover:

- What is page load speed?
- Tools used to measure performance of your pages and site
- Six Key Improvements to make Drupal "run fast"
++ Performance Module settings and how they work
++ Caching - biggest gainer and how to implement Boost
++ Other quick hits: off loading search, tweaking settings & why running crons is important
++ Ask your host about APC and how to make sure its set up correctly
++ Dare we look at the database? Easy changes that will help a lot!

- Monitoring Best practices - what to set up to make sure you know what is going on with your server
- What if you get slashdoted? Recommendation on how to quickly take cover from a rhino.

Experience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Industry: education

The program sounds great. Will the conference be recorded and posted on youtube?

That would be quite useful as a starting resource to many. I second.

there are 100 videos up at the internet archive from last year's drupalcon in DC

and 72 movies of DrupalCon Boston 2008

if the links i included don't show just go to and do a search for DrupalCon DC or DrupalCon Boston

I have a feeling you will be covering a bunch of my modules; I'll be here to help if you want :)

Yes, please come by, I'll save a seat for you in the front row! I have two of these in the slides now... I think I missed parallel but I will add it in

Session was really informative. Anyway i could access those points / ppt ?

Unfortunately I missed this session by mistake, is there any chance that the presentation will be posted somewhere? Thanks!!!

Quick recap of my IRC notes while the presentation was going on:
* pingdom will also do waterfalls -

* javascript that prevents other things from being downloaded might be fixed by using non blocking loading of javascript - Example fix (8 way to do it if I remember correctly)

* Jmeter can profile logged in and anonymous users.

* If your using a private file system & can't use css/js optimization then parallel will help a lot - Drupal 7 will not have this issue. Parallel can also be used for with a origin pull cdn.

* If using a push cdn you should really use this patch for imagecache - Added bonus if using it with VBO

* Info on putting your htaccess rules in httpd.conf - Compliance with SA-2006-006 - see this section, I wrote it ;)

* Boost with no database interaction - Boost Retro Mode. ctrl-f for "retro" on boost configuration page to find it ;)

* InnoDB YES; PostgreSQL hopefully more info -

* web master tools = google web master tools -

* Pressflow + Varnish is a good option; so is Mercury.

* Fix for drupal's comments and page caching is to use a 3rd party for comments that ajax load the comments on that page.

* Cron - Active sites that uses XML Feeds - Once an hour minimum. "BrochureWare" sites - Once a day around midnight.

* Example of an ajax load of 3 views blocks -

* Authcache for logged in users, might be useful -


* More info & discussions -