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Beginning Drupal

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
305 Gravitek Labs

Presented by

Doug Vann (dougvann)
Welcome to DrupalWelcome to Drupal
First impressions: Watch overviews and tutorials for those new to the community.

Bring your laptop and follow along.
{Recommended that you have either a LOCAL INSTALL or a free trial account at }
I have a blog post on how to set up a free Drupal set up on WeBEnabled see it here

Starting off we'll cover some quick slides about Drupal terminology, what Drupal is, and how it began.
Then, wasting no time, we're going to start with a fresh Drupal welcoming screen and begin building a blog site.

You will learn:
- Terminology: We have our own language. The chats, screencasts, and books make MUCH more sense when you speak the language!
- Configuration: We're going to build a BLOG SITE from beginning to end!

As we build a blog site from SCRATCH you will learn how to use:
Blocks-&-Regions - Content Types - Taxonomy - CCK - Comments - Mollom anti-spam service - User Permissions Settings - Themes Configurations - Site Information Settings - and other fun aspects along the way.

I will be using Acquia Drupal, so if you bring a laptop with a local host setup OR trust the WiFi to access a remote install, [see note above] then you can follow along. Either way you will learn valuable Drupal Skills!

If you have questions about this session feel free to contact me:

Experience: Beginner
Industry: education, entertainment, library, marketing, media, non-profit