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Nancy Sue Brink

Nancy is the Community Enterprise Director at, as well as an independent media artist and writer. She has worked as an independent writer and filmmaker for more than 20 years, starting out on 16mm film and now wholeheartedly embracing the digital world.

For Nancy, making movies was a way to combine the many things she loves – storytelling, poetry, music, art, working with people, and digging in to big challenges. She believes in the power of storytelling — no matter the medium — to play a transformative role in the world. Read more »

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Nancy Sue

Todd Thille

Designing and developing with Drupal since 2006. Building end-to-end web solutions for artists, musicians, and off-beat communities.

Recent work includes:
Bicycling Blind ( ) empowering members of the visually impaired community to find sighted captains for tandem bike rides.

Dragonline ( ) documenting efforts to develop and articulate art methodologies which employ subtle energy or engage Nature intelligence.

Colorscope ( ) an astrological profile in color.

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