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Build a Powerful Site Search with the User-Friendly, Easy-to-Install Search Lucene API Module Suite

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
304 Phase2 Technology

Presented by

Chris Pliakas (cpliakas)
CommonPlaces e-Solutions, LLC
Configuration, Set-up & AdministrationConfiguration, Set-up & Administration
Code-free success: Manage Drupal through the User Interface.

The Search Lucene API module provides a fully integrated, easy-to-install alternative to the core Search module. Because it makes use of the Zend Framework’s PHP port of the Lucene search engine library, installation takes minutes and requires no external services making it a cost-effective advanced search solution. In addition, the module has faceted search capability which allows users to filter results via an intuitive interface. Contributed modules such as Search Lucene DidYouMean and Search Lucene MoreLikeThis correct spelling errors and recommend content based on the words in the index respectively. As a result, visitors are directed to relevant content beyond what their initial search query provided.

Attendees must know how to install and configure Drupal modules, but programming knowledge is not required to view this presentation.

After viewing the presentation, attendees will be able to install and configure Search Lucene API along with the most popular contributed modules to build a powerful, user-friendly site search.


  • Introducing the technology and capabilities of Lucene at a high level
  • Installing and configuring Search Lucene API to index and search your site’s content
  • Configuring faceted search using the core Search Lucene Facets module
  • Adding spelling suggestions based on the terms in the index using the Search Lucene DidYou Mean module
  • Displaying content recommendations based on the text and metadata of the node being viewed using the Search Lucene MoreLikeThis module
  • Localizing the site search using the Search Lucene Internationalization project
  • Indexing CCK fields and exposing them as facets using the Search Lucene CCK and Search Lucene Facet Builder modules
Experience: Beginner, Intermediate
Industry: education, entertainment, library, media, non-profit
Tags: lucene, search, zend framework