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2.4 million page views per day, 60 M per month, one server!

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
305 Gravitek Labs

Presented by

Khalid Baheyeldin (kbahey), Inc.
Under the HoodUnder the Hood
Technical details: Study servers, Drupal core, module building, and more.

In this talk, Khalid will talk about a how to scale a Drupal web site with the following statistics:

  • 61 million page views per month
  • 14.24 million visits per months
  • 132,650 visits per hour peak
  • 539,000 visits on peak day
  • 2.4 million pages per day peak

The web site runs on a single mid range server ...

We will discuss how we:

  • How to tune the LAMP stack for optimal performance
  • How to keep things simple and maintainable
  • How to monitor the entire hardware and software stack


Thanks to all who attended and asked questions.

Here is are the slides from the presentation: Presentation: 2.8 million page views a day, 70 million per month, one server.

Experience: Intermediate, Advanced
Industry: education, entertainment, library, marketing, media, non-profit

Can't wait for this sessions. Sure to have lots of goodies!

Are these stats with one server with authenticated users?

Surely not all authenticated users, but given the interaction-rich sites Khalid and 2bits tends to do i'm sure there's a good mix.

benjamin, agaric

Awesome talk, planning to turn this into a checklist!

An Idea - For the apache/system logs using TMPFS might be a good solution.

Very intrasting lecture. May you show your memcache-script and users-script for munin?

This was a superb lecture, Khalid. Thanks!