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image recognition

Adam Bednarek

I work with image recognition technologies. Basically a way to do image comparisons and searches based on pixel content. We provide robust image matching technology for developers to integrate into their existing or new applications.

One possible place for using image recognition is on an e-commerce site, where a user would want to find similar products based on the images of that content.

We make it possible and simple to search and group similar content.

I work with developing demos and am the ltu developer network coordinator. Read more »

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Yanna Sigenlaub

Marketing Director at LTU technologies.

LTU technologies provides cutting-edge image recognition technologies to leading commercial and government organizations worldwide. The technology has successfully been integrated into both commercial and government solutions for brand and copyright protection, police investigations (stolen art, child abuse), media intelligence and advertisement tracking, site search for eCommerce and stock photography, mobile applications and many more.

Recently developed a custom module for Drupal - LTU smartpix - that enables Drupal developers to easily add image recognition functionality to their sites. Read more »

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yanna sigenlaub

Alexandre Winter

I am currently the CEO and am still the co-founder of LTU technologies, a leading image recognition and search technology provider. A long time Drupal enthusiast, I am now involved with making image recognition technologies available to a larger audience of developers, mobile or CMS, through open source platforms. Read more »

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